Bleach: Memories of Nobody

by NeroKashi189
Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Imagine taking a step in a world of sheer and conquer!
Lately I found the source over my PRIVATE Dropbox folder, and I felt like working on it.

So I am in need of a Host (24/7 preferred...).
The game will feature new systems and another amientation in future updates. By the way I need Iconners and Graphics Artists for the new work take place in.

Also I could of add new releases, featuring Full Bring. Intersted people can reply back to this post.

If you are not interested in hosting nor iconning, and just want to leave a nice comment uste the 'About: BMON' topic, thank you!

Regards, Fushi. BMoN Manager.
im not sure if i want to leave my computer on all the time but if i were to host for you would i get GM or something?
Probably, depends on how responsible you were.
Good luck finding a host. I might actually get back into playing if you find a decent one, message me if you do ever get around to it, I'll spread the word via pager when it's up.
I can host 24/7
You may download the latest hostfiles here: BMoN,zip - FalconEyeGames.NetNe.Net
The Game is coming back??? Yay!
I'm Temp Hosting, I May be able to host until BMoN get's back on its feet.
This should be posted on the hub,because most people do not read the discussion tab.
i can icon, and GFX
Hey i was wondering if i could help code,? ive worked on countless bleach games myself but just gave them to friends to finish cuz i thought of new game ideas. If u need an experienced and profesional programmer just ask, it would be appreciated.
I am a proffessional programmer myself, no need for another strange to get a hold over the source.

Thank you anyways for tryng.
I'm Keakers. Bitches. Hai CC:
Neo, Host ! ,
I could host if you like i leave my computer on all the time anyways.
Sorry for not being able to contact before, I will leave a hostfile-download button on the HUB so people can build up their own servers.