Star Wars: Clone Corps - In Space!

by F0lak
Fight as a Clone Trooper to save the galaxy from the Seperatists, in space!
Hello, BYOND. Today I'm letting you all know about a game Kaiochao and I did up in a days time. Our goal was to 'power-dev' through a new project in a day and see what we could come up with. This is the result of that labour. Granted, we have touched it up over the last few days and polished it into a more presentable game, but I think we've still put in around 24 hours of actual work between the two of us.

Moving on to the actual game. Players are ARC fighters, fighting for the Republic against the Seperatist vulture droids. The controls are simple, W to accelerate, S to slow down, A and D to turn, and Spacebar to fire your blasters. (We have functionality for the mouse to be used for steering and shooting, but that was removed until we can figure out why certain inputs aren't registering).

There is still more that we'd like to do with it, but we figured we may as well let the community take a look at it in the mean-time.
Cool. I'll try it out when I can.
... Is this an actual game yet? I'm trying to play but my character just flies around on autopilot. I can't do anything.
Oops! It looks like I had uploaded files I was using to follow fighters to take screenshots. It should be fixed now.
Still happening.
Seems like a fun little game though, I'll try later today.
OMG. One of my favorite games on BYOND has returned... IN SPACE.
I updated the game a while ago to once again use the mouse to steer. Point and click to kill enemies. W and S are your acceleration/deceleration (you'll have to accelerate a bit after respawning).

If you're having issues with mouse responsiveness, blame BYOND.

Oh, and if you find the .rsc too large for how simple of a project this is, blame BYOND for that too :)