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Some handy text procs.
This library contains some useful procs for dealing with text. There's not a lot of content here and I wouldn't normally post such a small library, but these procs are used by many other libraries. If each library that needs these procs defines them, including two of those libraries will result in a naming collisions.

// parse "10" as a base-16 integer
int("10", 16)

// replace "world" with "BYOND"
replace("Hello, world!", "world", "BYOND")

// split the string into a list of a, b, and c
var/list/l = split("a|b|c", "|")

// turn the list into a comma-separated string
merge(l, ", ")
Download is busted
In response to Lugia319
Lugia319 wrote:
Download is busted

The BYOND website is very shaky right now. The download seems to work but the site as a whole is being iffy. It took me four tries but I was able to download it.
Alright, I'll keep trying then. Thanks.