Another idiot says he's a BYOND Admin: Threatening people. NO WAI!

Why you didn't just make a text file, I will never know.
Is there a problem with the file?
Not at all, its just an inconvenience to open with word.
I can open it fine with MSWord, WordPad, NotePad, ect.
Out of curiosity, why did you save it as rtf instead of doc.
I lol'd.
Actually, it's not proper NotePad format, it has a ton of formatting in it.
Not everyone can open .docs without a Commercial Word Product.
Any computer can open RTF with any kind of product.
RTF actually isn't a standard format like plain-text is, it contains quite a lot of special characters that richtext readers use to provide formatting. If you'd open it in say, notepad you wouldn't get a simple plain-text output, you'd get a bunch of special characters and text macros.
osht, I see now.
Should I save it as HTML and reupload it?
So it would be accesible directly on the browser?
I would just go for regular text, but I guess if you want to do HTML, thats fine too
Saving it as HTML couldn't hurt, but saving it as plain-text couldn't either.
Uploaded - look at first post
That's more idiotic than me yesterday at night. xD
Either way, they both look shit. This is why keeping formatting like that is a terrible idea.

And I've had far more comical run ins with "BYOND Admins". =)
STFU before i ban u from the internet
SuperAntx wrote:
STFU before i ban u from the internet

I heard you got banned from BYOND Anime for 4 days :(
Such a failure those days .