Diana left her mobile phone at home, so I agreed to bring it out to her and filmed the ride. Gave me an excuse to play with iMovie some more! :-D

Does it have gears? I would hit 100 easily on that thing!
Ruben7 wrote:
Does it have gears? I would hit 100 easily on that thing!

yes, it does have gears - 27 to be exact (although overlap in the gearing between the front and back cogs probably only gives me 9-10 unique gears).

no, you would not hit 100 mph with this trike. the current land-speed record is 81 mph on a cycle on flat ground with an aerodynamic fairing costing more than you would ever make in a year and driven by a guy with Lance Armstrong-type legs.

my personal best is 64 kmh (a bit over 39 mph), going downhill. had the hill been a bit longer, i might have topped out at 45 mph. and i still had 3 gears to go.

my cruising speed on flat ground (once out of the city's stop-n-go traffic lights) is about 20-25 kmh (12-15 mph). i'm built for endurance so i can hold that for hours, which is key to the long tours that I do each year - 800 to 1000 miles or more at about 100 miles per day.

but yeah the trike is fast - when i'm in the mood, i'm typically the fastest (or in the top 5) during my commutes.