Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
Ah this makes me happy :D
Now my box zombie mania can be taken a step further.
I'm guessing that's a cop, but he kind of looks like a mailman when I look at him quickly, lol.
What would make it look better?
In response to Falacy
Well, I wouldn't worry too much about changing it. I first thought it was a mailman because the gun looked like mail at a first glance, but once I looked at it for a second I realized it was a gun, and I then noticed the shield on his cap. And in-game, it would probably be even less likely to get confused by it, as he would be moving & shooting (unless he's "stationary").
Idk I could tell it was a cop immediately. I've also played the game a few times tho, so I'm used to the artstyle.
The shadow on those trees looks a little off compared to the shadows on the building. But other wise it looks pretty cool.
Making the cops whole outfit the colour (or close) of his hat might help.
falacy in that picture looks like pizza delivery boy. ... without the cap