Gears & Peers

by ACWraith
Gears & Peers
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
I've been redesigning Gears & Peers a bit.

I wasn't sure how balanced the classes were so I axed them along with half of their unnecessary stats. In their place, I now use a single slider where bot quantity is exchanged for bot movement and vice versa. It's a 1-to-1 trade at the moment, but I can adjust it easily enough if I find it's not balanced.

I've also been questioning the movement summation system that I had planned on. The map dimensions of Gears & Peers are smaller than many of the possible values. That seems to make some of the choices pointless. I'm going to replace them with another play option. Players will only control their own bots, but they can do it one (and only one) of two ways.
  • A batch of bots can be assigned a constant movement rate. Later batches can be assigned different movement rates. The bots will always move forwards.
  • Each turn, all of a player's currently released bots can be moved forward or backwards some amount.

Both the slider and the control choice will be available to Gears & Peers and Fooldom Come subscribers. Non-subscribers will have the values randomly assigned.