Gears & Peers

by ACWraith
Gears & Peers
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
I did a bit more adjusting of the items in Gears & Peers. I think I'm going to call them "Command Modules". Rather than increasing and decreasing speed, I created modules for adding and skipping steps. I don't want people to have to count too high, wait for too many steps to be processed, or think of robots changing.

Here's another mock-up. I recreated the robots with tattoos of their gear shapes in order to give me room to put the command module choices in the player list. I might have to adjust the pink Turn Clockwise module to make the color look less like the red Skip Step module. Overall, it looks more cluttered than the old mock-up, but the mechanics are easier to understand. (Besides, 2 to 4 less command modules will be on the map during real matches.)

Click picture for a larger view.
I like that interface, AC. It is similar to most of your interfaces to(I think they are good for your type of games).
Clean, neatly placed for the most part, and readable.
Can't wait until the final one of this is released. lol