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Seems wildly unnecessary..

It really does actually... Why can't they just make new episodes. How hard can it be? If weekly junk like Bleach and Naruto can come out, why not 32 more episodes of Dragonball Z. -facepalm-

Dragonball Z ended years ago. What would be the point of making new episodes? Last thing we need is yet ANOTHER random villain deciding to attack Earth with no real agenda except to destroy shit and us seeing yet another fusion or Super Saiyan level unleashed.

I didn't mean the new episodes to be of that caliber. New episodes doesn't mean new transformations, if Akira could pull that silly excuse of a Dragonball Special out of his ass, I'm certain he could of done much better.

Also, I don't understand "yet another villain deciding to attack Earth with no agenda", most of the characters did have a reason to attack Earth.

What they really could do is do some past style episodes, what really made me ponder was the lack of Dragonball Z history flashbacks. For example, when Vegeta died on Namek, there should have been an epic episode just before he died about him as the Prince and as Frieza's henchmen. But it won't happen anyway, better not dwell on it.

Dragonball Z, eh. The things they can do with the Anime and Manga are endless...

It all sounds pointless to me.

Raditz - Came to check on Goku's mission
Vegeta - Came to use the dragon balls to get stronger
Frieza - Came to destroy shit
Androids - Destroy shit
Cell - Destroy shit
Garlic Jr. - Destroy shit
Majin Buu - Destroy shit

Other than slight vengence, none of the villains had any real agenda except to destroy shit.

Alot of that is wrong.
Garlic Jr. came to avenge his father.
Vegeta tried to use the dragonballs to bring back his father(Or the saiyan race Im not sure)
Frieza wanted to become immortal and to destroy goku.
Andriods their purpose were to destroy goku.
Radits came to get his brother back so he could sell more planets for profit faster.

What the hell?

Garlic wanted to avenge his father, but more importantly, rule the earth.
Vegeta didnt give a damn about the saiyans, he wanted immortality.
Garlic still had a reason. :|
And for vegeta Ill have to look back at that episode.
I dont know at all where you got vegeta wanting to bring back the saiyans. Considering he killed nappa and attempted to kill goku, i'm pretty sure he only cared about himself. Not to mention the countless episodes of him mentioning immortality from the saiyan-namek sagas. He wanted immortality to defeat frieza then more or less take his place.
Vegeta didn't want to bring back the Saiyans, after all. He was makaveliant and only thought of his own success and power, other Saiyans would of only lead to more competition. He probably thought about it but I doubt it crossed his mind after Frieza died.
He never thought about it. He never cared. That was obvious.

And none of what I said was wrong. Garlic Jr. wanted to avenge his father but more importantly he wanted to rule and destroy shit.

Frieza's initial plan had nothing to do with destroying Goku. He wanted eternal life so he could destroy shit forever.

Raditz didn't care about "getting his brother back". He came to see why he didn't destroy everyone on Earth yet.
Your all repeating the same damn thing about vegeta as if Pmitch didnt just tell me.
I dont care bout it so much, one thing i care about is how the art wil look.
Anyway, at least we can rejoice when this comes out, since Dragonball Evolution is going to destroy Dragonball Z for a couple of months.
Meh I lost interest in Dragonball Z for the most part anyway. I can't honestly say I care to see the same story retold again.
It could vary for me, DBZ is shorter than naruto so i can pay attention
The dark prince majin vegeta wrote:
Meh I lost interest in Dragonball Z for the most part anyway. I can't honestly say I care to see the same story retold again.


PS : Maggeh i love you're css! :)
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