Gears & Peers

by ACWraith
Gears & Peers
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
I have not been getting any real work done on Gears & Peers. I don't have much of an excuse considering I have libraries to reuse and most of the graphics are done. This should be a quick project. I've just been tired and distracted. (Feel free to subscribe to Fooldom Come to keep me awake and focused. ;))

On the bright side, I have been redesigning what happens when objects are placed on the same space due to simultaneous turns. I think that merely canceling all such moves, while possibly fair, would be boring. Instead, I'm also letting such moves change the landscape and players who can predict their opponent's placement will have to decide whether or not the change would be beneficial.
  • Robots placed on the same warp will cause the warp to malfunction and shoot a fireball across the map. All gears the fireball passes over will be destroyed. All bots the fireball passes over will be reduced to gears as if they had crashed into other bots.
  • Command modules placed on the same spot will destroy all command modules next to that spot.

I've also been cutting simultaneous turns out of Super Real Robo GH. I think that some people may find simultaneous movement, such as the March phase in Occupied Forces, difficult to comprehend. Meanwhile, simultaneous turns are not offering much benefit as the game is limited to only two players and, combined with real-time battles, there shouldn't be a lot of downtime.

Instead, each robot will have its own asynchronous turn and some sort of resource to determine who goes first, sort of like the Battle phase in Flesh And Drone. (Players will each have a turn to launch new robots as well.) This should allow each turn taker to have a larger amount of options without confusing the player too much. For instance, I've been planning on a missile/counter-missile mechanic outside of battle and the ability to use a drill to tunnel out of the way of such attacks.

As for when I'll actually start working on SRRGH, I don't know. I was actually leaning towards Flesh And Drone after Gears & Peers, but I have yet to decide.