Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
I've been enjoying wind a lot, so i'm sharing it :]

*everyone take cover!!!* :) looks cool
Awesome. <3
That looks epic!
This game looks epic.
Why is Zane such a good Pixel Artist?
Most likely because his powerlevel is over 9000. And he had alot of time on his hands since he used to be an adventurer....til he took an arrow to the knee.
That Shit Cray
@Kings_Lionz I believe the real question is, how is Same such a good artist.?
@Anime HQ
Zane = Same = Zane? lol :P

And yeah your right he's too good :(
Lol so sorry stupid auto correct. I meant Zane and hey Teka I need to talk to you. Hmu on MSN...
wind is one of my favorite elements so i am looking forward to seeing what u guys will have to offer when the game is about done so far things are looking better and better then when the 1st time i played... i fear the suspense and lack of game play will kill be before the update is complete XD
teh game is closly Yah We want it yah yah yah