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Hello Byond. I'm looking for a Mapper if your interested leave your contact information below.

IVIannyV, You're an awesome coder! You should help me out on my game, Pokemon Apple Isles!
Yeh Many help me on my gam naruto orange power
lol and I need a mappper for My Friends pokemon game
Are you three serious?
I can map
If your talking about me no I wasn't serious Chris-.-.
Chris stick a dick In it Master firekid can be serious or not serious Ok
Why is every one fighting my fights for fucks sake -.-
Because I want to
I am a mapper ,coder ,host,hub designer ,fourm designer, I master in GFXING and contact me sometime
____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________And MORE
Aaron No Your Not
U dont know How to make fourms im the one who made fourms for Your Game and U dont know how to hub edit either I showed U how to use htmls u cant code U told me every game U coded u Stole there source
Hey, name is Mike. I was actually looking forward to speaking with you. For a game I would like some help with. I am sure that you would like what I am doing. I see that you are very familiar with producing games. So Just send me a message or page my. Add me on the hub if you could. I really would like to speak with you, if you can do so. Thanks
ye aim ganan make a avatar game too, mind helping me with mine ^.^
can i have your source ?
hay i was woundering if you be willing to share your avatar codes with me iv been looking for a game like this for a while but havent found any if you would let me id like to further your work i have the time right now soo send me a im or email me at [email protected]
Umm Ivanny Can You Give Me The Source for Anmie Arena?
Email Me At [email protected]
i can map i use to map for you
[email protected]
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