Well, as many of you will probably know, my game Bleach: Souls of Darkness is a SoC Rip. So over the past week or so, our programmer and I have been working on making this a non rip (As i recall I can't call it original due to the fact that some concepts have been used before) game, many of the anti rip members of Byond will have never set foot on our forum, so i would like to take this opportunity to tell you what the non ripped game will include.

- Skill Tree
- Questing
- Player Vs Monster Training
- Non Ripped
- Skill Point Training System
- Interface to fit the games theme

The game is still under heavy construction however, and any ideas or feedback would be appreciated greatly. We are also in need of a experienced pixel artist that can work straight away, as we are in desperate need of icons to finish the game.

That's an ugly interface. Put it together better, and make it smaller so people with smaller resolutions can use it.
Jeff8500 wrote:
That's an ugly interface. Put it together better, and make it smaller so people with smaller resolutions can use it.

Why do people go crazy and just put shit where they want without having the correct size :(
Blue: Screen of Death.

Vermolius wrote:
Blue: Screen of Death.


I just caught that Lol
Yash 69 wrote:
Vermolius wrote:
Blue: Screen of Death.


I just caught that Lol

Geek jokes make me giggle. hehe
Vermolius wrote:
Blue: Screen of Death.


Lmao @ That one.

I guess you have a point on the interface bit, I was a bit of an idiot doing it on my 26".
Yes. An interface small and compact is a good idea.

Good luck. It's a good thing to move away from rips.
Um i do have some suggestion
Number one being to gin all the information on the show up to the last subbed episode on the internet so that above other games you have all the current transformations and what not
And things like having to actually pay for items lol
Oh yeah and i would say some things like more clothing items, a lower lvl system so you can do things like monster train
And a a focus train system that enables you to become good at what you use constantly, like if i used byakurai alot that would become preety powerful and damage higher
This is me again giving you my email because if you want more ideas ill pour them on you over the web
Its: [email protected]
omg i just cant stop
You should have a level cap so that lvls just dont go ahead and roam on and there would be a 3 person save slot so you can have a fuller ecperience with the option to keep your character
And all the attacks i can go find and give to you so people dont feel deprived form anyclass
And you can also do things like give bounts that hp bonus in the seirete
And the limit release you already have but also have hell butterflys for every squad and then also allow bounts to attack the seirete and get that seal
Also allow people to try and steal the sbig sunkongoku thingy( the thing aizen tries to steal when rukia is gonna be exicuted) yeah...
And then allow people to devour to reach arrancar form much like mastering flash step
you should also allow guilds to purchase their own house and players also(guild houses will be bigger than player houses
I can also do a skill tree for every class/job you guys can give me i mean it no problem as long as its on a skill point based system
Hey Uchiha games what Your msn I need to talk to U
I can help you if you need anything..
And this is interesting..I think I might play this game.
Im a coder and I can help you with icons..

Eh.Anyways if you want me to heres my MSN:

[email protected]
where the fuck did you go
If you need a pixel artist/Iconner. Im the right person for you :D I also GFX, i make banners,sigs and such. If you want to see examples then just ask like post a comment on my byond page or something >:]
can u bring soul of darkness bak up i miss playing it
i remember this game, it was a rip at first it had like 70-80 people playing it at once sometimes more. Then like the hour I joined the game was took down and the owner said he was going to make the game original.