by OneFishDown
Play as one of six different character types and try to live long and prosper in this popular multiplayer city.

This is my first review of any BYOND Game and also of.. anything!
I decided to write a review for this game as it is my all-time favourite game on BYOND and i loved playing it everyday!

This game is very entertaining, you can rob banks, steal cars, do some odd jobs, buy cars and weapon, kill other players, chase down and arrest criminal players, heal players and you can Roll Play so many things on this game also!

I remember laying on a server where one gang would guard the top Gun shop from the rival gang and also setup a base somewere on the map bringing tons of weapons and vehicles. We would go out and have a war with the other gang wasting everyone, due to the ability to respawn the war could be endless, but the aim is to take control of the entire city, and by doing that is by controling the 'main points' of the city, which would be car shops, weapon shops and the hospital. the gang who takes controll and holds all of them would obviously be the winner, as the other gang woudl not be able to get supplies.

It was endless fun, and i would have rated this game a solid 10/10 but due to some frustrating bugs in the game (Ability to get infinite money / Ability to bug cars turning them into non-passable objects, used to block shops) id have to give it a 8/10.

I have never encounterd such a fun game on BYOND like this before, there are a fe wother GTA games on byond, some with advanced options such as pimping cars! but it doesent have what GTAOnline had, The ability to keep people playing for hours and hours non stop enjoying themselves every second.

This game is truely a ledgend.
I have attempted to contact the Owner, OneFishDown for the source code so i can fix the bugs, add some extra things and bring it back.
That is my dream, and i still, to this day, try to get in contact with the owner, but sadly fail.

This game is amazing, I stil have the host files for it and i host sometimes when i have some spare time to bring back old memories and hours of fun.

The game could be improved, maybe new ways of making money, expanding the city, adding new weapons, maybe a new gang?, new cars, and possibly bases!

- 8/10 Overall.
Why don't you just remake it?
Ss4toby wrote:
Why don't you just remake it?

Because i have no time.
:/ Bah, such plaudits too... would have liked to at least get a peek at the game, see what kinda game it was and how well it worked for byond.