Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
Box Zombies! now uses actual bullets that fire in (almost) full 360 degrees, instead of the previous system that just shot the closest zombie to where you clicked. This change was designed to support the various stats for the weapon/loot systems, since things like accuracy and range (and just about everything else) would have been impracticable on the old system. The new system also looks a lot cooler and is more fun to play with IMO =P
Awesome (: - Will there be different types of Zombies?
Kozuma3 wrote:
Will there be different types of Zombies?

Probably, but they're not high on the to-do list
Yut Put wrote:
Is the goal to be more based around the action or survival element? From what I saw it was more action-y than anything

Only the actiony elements have been developed so far. However, there will also be an RTS-like building element to the game, where each player can construct their own cities. The supplies to build will be acquired through the more actiony gameplay, and the buildings will provide various bonuses or advanced features (like weapon modding). Cities will also serve as dynamic quest hubs and general safe zones for NPCs you have rescued.
Very fun , Can't wait for the weapon modding (:
I agree. Even at early stages I was anticipating playing this game.