Gears & Peers

by ACWraith
Gears & Peers
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
I just released a version of Gears & Peers if anyone would like to help test it out. As I stated earlier, I'll be adding sounds in a later update. I'm currently more interested in how the game plays out. For instance, I don't know what the default number of gears to collect should be. I have not played against anyone else yet so I'm unsure of how long games will normally last.

PS: I had to remove the " & " from "Gears &" in order to not get a Broken URL message in Dream Seeker. I'd post a formal bug report, but I don't have much info other than that.
I don't see an option to host the game.
Click the Options button. There's a tab dedicated to the server and a yellow "Host so others can play!" button at the top. (At least, there is if you're not using a Guest key. It has to do with host detection.)

Perhaps I can add a note in the MOTD if people are confused.