Bleach unleashed Bankai

by Mrtony
Bleach unleashed Bankai
Bleach Unleashed Bankai just have fun^^.

Owner: Rage/Zenkotsu

Co Owner: Raven

Head Admin:Lady Wu tang/ Jirou

Master Admins:i dunno lol

Admins:dunno xd

Enforcers: i really need to keep track of this

Trail Enforcers: none
Iconner :Rage/Kprince

Coder :Rage

LoginScreen Maker :DraconicRage

Icon Mapper : Tangetsu

Mapper : Rage

Turf Maker : Tangetsu

Contact me if you can map or code

[email protected]


1. Dont SZ kill
2. Dont spam anything
3. Dont sz attack
4. Dont ask to be edited i mean are u that stupid.
5. Dont continuosly pick fights with people.
6.Dont ask for gm.
7. Dont advertise.
8. Dont dis the game.
9. Dont insult the gms.

Espada leader Requirment:13mil

Espada Co-Leader Requirment:12mil

Espada 1 Requirment:10mil

Espada 2 Requirment:9mil

Espada 3 Requirment:8mil

Espada 4 Requirment:7mil

Espada 5 Requirment:6mil

Espada 6 Requirment:5mil

Espada 7 Requirment:4mil

Espada 8 Requirment:3mil

Espada 9 Requirment:2mil

Espada 10 Requirment:1mil
Vizard Requirments are the Same as Espada requirments but Vizard leader Requirment is 10 mill
Squad 1 Captain Requirment:10mil

Squad 2 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 3 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 4 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 5 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 6 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 7 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 8 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 9 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 10 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 11 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 12 Captain Requirment:5mil

Squad 13 Captain Requirment:5mil


1 - Massive boost 3 rankers boost
2 - Massive boost 2 rankers boost
3 - Massive Boost 1 rankers boost

Bleach Unleashed Bankai
BUB and Owners
If any copies of the game are found on byond. It will result in a report to Byond Staff
Copyright Bleach Unleashed Bankai.

This work is licenced under a
Creative Commons Licence.


awsome game 5/5 stars
super man great game
i give this game a 10/10 and i love tits
great game

100000000/100000000 that is how good it is
cool thx mrtony for tha great game..^^
att shadowterrorx=Byakuga :P
Yeah, need help removing that gray box, after that, I'll be cool.
Join it people ;D
Fix for white box bug :
follow the guide after ur online the game and see the white box
Best bleach server ever :D
pwns all the other servers
Thank you.
What a horrible rip. 1. Ripped BINH map and shikais and all that 2. Dont take credit for other peoples works and 3. Your horrible rippers and deprive people in your game freedom of speech oh and also, you ripped BSOCs icons which makes it a rip.
BTW, what happened to shading? I see no shading in your edited icons.
Quillow? Dark Quincy?
No questions asked.
wow..! awesome game!
this is like, such a kick ass game! =D

it would be better if there werent any unexpected "half" pwipes though..... =.=''

but otherwise, its a kick ass game that everone must play!!
Nekozero wrote:
wow..! awesome game!
this is like, such a kick ass game! =D

it would be better if there werent any unexpected "half" pwipes though..... =.=''

but otherwise, its a kick ass game that everone must play!!

Are you high?
Not anything relative to a "kick ass game"!
This is a retard-baby offspring to BSoC. Actually, it's nothing alike Bleach. With all the hybrids of races with their idiotic names. Like "Quillow"... Sounds like a pocket monster from Poke'Mon. Plus, no Freedom of Speech (Like what Goku stated)
"We're making this game 100% original"
HA. Like I haven't heard that before
Even if they try it would be horrible. Especially when I saw the phrase "New Races".
Please keep destroying the Bleach franchise ^_^

Great.. Lord Koshiye(not spelled right) Crashed the server
it wont work the game:(

you cant copyright a game like this you dumbass all the characters and settings are based on animes or something everything is ripped from tv series or something.
Wu, so got boned o.o
actually alot of people enjoy it
Bloody I think i could Host bub again And Why did U remove me as Hub editer for new hub I need to add arrancar ranks and Quincy
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