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Are you secretly Garthor? You remind me of him <3
Assuming you mean Garthor, no. I'm just myself. I've never even spoken to Garthor directly, so I wouldn't know much about him.

What of me reminds you of him, if I might be so bold?
Your style of posting. You seem so... aggressively caring.
Well, I do try, and it seems to me as if no one else is around to be aggressively caring. I think it may be due to the fact that I'm more concerned with people learning than their feelings towards me. If they want to dislike me, let them. As long as they've learned something from the encounter, I've done my job.

The way I see it, there are enough people coddling the children to go around, and not nearly enough dishing out the tough love.
I support you 100% my man!
Your picture kinda weirds me out. Just saying.
Lol, it's kind of supposed to.
You are a banana.
Please host Arch _ Remastered :( It's a good game, and you made it better.
Greetings! Still interested in working with me?