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Hi Chris,

I just got onilne and received your page about Quest systems from earlier. I just sent a reply, but it's been a few hours so I figured that I'd post here as well.

I went ahead and copy/pasted some code to demonstrate how we do it for NEStalgia. None of the guts of the code are there, but this should give you a very good sense of the design senisiblities behind it:

I learned a lot from my mistakes with Acheron's Awakening's quest system, and I think that what I came up with for NEStalgia has worked out very well for us. It's easy to add new quests, which is the most important part.
Hey Chris, Fraser here. I'm interested in that pixel movement help that you had. Thanks
Chris! Hope you're doing well, man. Best of luck on your current project(s)!
How much longer till the highly anticipated v0.2!!!
Bring the server back up! D:
How long should the update take?
This game is amazing!!! How long do you expect it will take until full release? I am so excited, love this game.