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Hi there,
I was just playing in your game and you were saying something about me using alt keys and being on your banned list? Ive never played in your server before
Also i was responding to your questions but i dont think any of them got through to you...then you booted me
Well I didn't ban you, I just thought you were afk tbh. You gotta respond via OOC or I won't be able to see it. "Say" is within your immediate vicinity.
oh ok sorry i wasnt afk and i didnt know that thats how say worked.
Hey Justin can you finish Deadly Waters? I really love that games design. Also can you make the test easier is harder if you make it so boring.
Thank you for your compliment, but I have no idea what you're talking about by "finishing" the game. Why is the game unfinished?

The basic training test covers what it needs to cover, basic interface, how to act in game, simple game mechanics, etc. I don't know if you want the test to be easier or less boring form what you said, so I'll assume both.

There's only ten questions, and three of them are true/false. I've only really gotten complaints about two of the questions' difficulty, and these are about selected hand and putting an item in your pocket. I've long-since removed the area of basic training where you could test out the item system, and I believe this could be part of the problem. The test is very simple and straightforward when you read the information provided. The game itself has a learning curve, so without any kind of tutorial provided it'd be confusing to most. So no matter how uninteresting reading might be, it serves a purpose.
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By the way, I forgot to mention basic training is OPTIONAL in version 15+