hi is there any akatsuki spot open if it is i whant it
how do u get eternal mangekyou sharingan??
Make me Akat Member
Hey, its rokaru, sorry i couldn't create an aim it wouldn't let me.
u looking for a 24/7 host i want nothing in return just want ur game up is that so hard 2 get P.S. its one of the best XD
when the game back up could you log in and make me an akatsuki member plz if there still open a spot
can you make me host for broken bonds plz
hi want to be wost from broken bonds
Umm HI:P
i can host for you

[email protected]
Blind spot hasnt been on for 3 days...wats goin on?
Hey Kimi hi have awsome news i can host again if u ever need a back up or 22/7 host tellme ok
Everytime u add something new to the game it gets gayer like the new training system where you have a certain ammount of energy to train and i run out every 10 seconds and i cant get to lvl 3k till like 30 minutes later
hey man you really need to find a host for your game hahah btw i know fred and andy so you can just send me the host files for bleach bliss and can find a host
Why is my name on your HUB!!! Remove my keyname from your hub. That is very disrespectfull to place someone's keyname on your hub and I don't even know you.

Omg everytime itry going on Naruto blind spot of souls i get dream deamon killed conection whats up with that
i checked dream deamon donno whats wrong:/
hey its me im Mistah_Top from naruto blind spot of the souls your game Jin or someone has told you that i can host your game 24/7 umm can you send me the file on aim? i already added u and so did jin
I want to host bleach bliss im already a host for 1 game
can i be a adminastrator on naruto blind spot
can i be a adminastrator on naruto blind spot i will be the best one ever
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