Final Resurrection

by Volkov911
Final Resurrection
Do you think you have what it takes to achieve the Final Resurrection?
Also, when you load your character, it will say "Cheater!". Just log back in and it should be fine. It's were I transfered the files over.
been a while, is it down? how do i find the game? it says connection failed. And is the site down?
Wait why's it down again?
I was unable to figure out the problem, but I have managed to get it back up.

If the game goes down, email me at either [email protected], or [email protected] either emails will go straight to my phone so I can get my laptop to a wifi zone and get the game back up as soon as possible.
I'm not able to access my character. Anybody else having this issue?
AHHHHHHH BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! I will always be around!!! Lolz, no seriously. Since day one, still posting comments, in 2011....

What happened to da forum, doode?
That's what happens when Balmung goes away.
Get over yourself. You're not that special. This is what happens when the owner quits and people get bored of playing the same stuff for nearly 2 years. Nothing to do with you.
Soooo...wen is it coming back online again?

Dragonball Zen is Back up guys come and join

Dragonball Zen is Back up guys come and join
Idiot kids advertising on other games because they can't get players... Sad.
A few staff member's have decided to make a new game, and carry on FR's legacy with it. It's not a DBZ game as far as I'm aware.
How the heck do I start the game? I've tried clicking but all there is a red tile like screen. Anybody know?
y the hell cant i play? i've updated but i still can't play the game. If anyone knows, please tell me how to access it.
That's because you're not joining the main server, you're joining a server I am running temporarily for a few friends while we wait for the main server to be up with the lag fixed. Mine can only be joined with a trick you have to be told.
i see. I'm guessing you wont tell me that trick right...?
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