by IVIannyV
Four Elements One World
give me the scrose plz i want to make an avatar game better strust me it will be good !
u have the link butlerkamryn?
is there going to be a new avatar game any time soon

Um can i host this game? ill host right away
come play!
Come play!
Finish it first.
can someone host? (dont say I HOST then i wait a year for you to host... i want to play with someone VERY SOON.
Me and my friend are host :p
is this game working??? i cant log

The Picture says it all
I'm hosting a 24/7 server. . . . Can play.
why wont he continue this has good gameplay ideas
some1 plz host the host that is currently hosting their server is not even working.
Some1 host a server that ACTUALLY WORKS I just want 2 play this game D:
this website has free byond membership and aewsome prizes click it
I've been thinking about it for a while now and I think I'm gonna do it.
I'm planning on making an Avatar Game. I am able to code, icon, interface, and map and it should be somewhat easy game to code. If anyone has any ideas, I'm welcome to any. :)

Here u guys have a unoficial byond hub (Here u can find naruto,dragon

ball,bleach games, and rips that are not listed on byond hub)
http://byondhub.blogspot.com/ :
- We got over 70 + games
- 200+ users evry day vist us site
- Its free, Private
- U can gain easy acces to games
- The hub is uptaded evry day

It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
if you can send me the files for the avatar game i would like to work on the game in its entirety
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