Dungeon Master

by Ginseng
Dungeon Master
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
I agree it does have a lot of potential.

I would very much love for some of the GUI to be cleaned up and perhaps fix the cheating involved with the ghost mode but so far the Git repository hasn't been updated in awhile.
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Drakemoore wrote:
perhaps fix the cheating involved with the ghost mode but so far the Git repository hasn't been updated in awhile.

The Git repository in the description is basically just a place to store the code and to allow others to easily fork the source. Your best bet would be to take issues like this to Felix Rose and see if she'll look into fixing them in her newer versions.
Actually, we could begin using the git repository in the description properly. I've made a pull request that got merged recently (thankfully, too), and if people report bugs I'll make sure to fix them.

If you need help figuring out how to report a bug, feel free to ask.
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Brad35309 wrote:
The game is fun. Naysayer's just die alot? Learn how to hide! I got killed alot when i started, then i learned how to hide.

Naysayers die

Peasants hide

Real MEN rape and pillage with war-bands!

The only server on just died, but I told Shell Server to host.
So, first comment in months, and this game is still badass...just wish there were more players...
There are always quite a few when I'm hosting. =D
not atm lol
Someone host this game!
Indeed, someone host the game! Not Rojiru though, he's a nub who banned me for killing too often.
Anyone know where I can get Sscral's version? Thanks in advance.
i know you can get Felix Rose's version here : https://github.com/DuncanFairley/Dungeon-Master

it seems very close to what your after
Zerohexxx, hes not a nub for banning you mate. Many like playing the game without killing each other, AKA if you were killing players too often, he can see you as a griefer in the game or a prick and not want you on his server.

Getting back on topic, is there anyone hosting the game anymore and if not, how do i get this to work so that i can play it solo?
Hello everyone, I am trying to bring the Doctor's version of DM back to byond. I understand many of you dont like it because you think its broken and for some other reason. If you would all be so kind as to ~PM me~ The issues you have with our version I will try to get them fixed if they are truly issues. I'd like to see more people on our server :D

I understand there is a lot more to do in our game then the others and I hope people like all the possibilities however the game is full of secrets and we will not be telling you how to get everything. If its not in the guide then chances are its something to figure out your self. You may ask any question but don't -expect- an answer if it is a secret. An example~ Becoming Immortal, You can find the death apple, not hard to find, but there is a higher chance of it killing your character than making it immortal, You can create an immortal potion, The recipe is in the guide as is the recipe for everything else, Or you can find the immortal blade~ One of the hardest ways, This blade not only makes you immortal but is one of the few things that can kill immortals {Things that can kill immortals: Gods, Angels(Immortals), True-Demons(Immortals), A special gun(Kills everything)Or another immortal} Its the hardest due to the fact that even if you manage to find it there is still a chance that your character cant hold it. :/ sorry guys.

Thats just scratching the surface of the game but I figure most people would find it interesting. The game will hopefully be up soon. Meet you there. (If there is a password needed this is an error we are working on removing The code is "The Cat Warrior" No quotations.)

~Disclaimer, I do not like it when people advertise on others games and servers so if this is the case Please send me the key of the person and I'll ask them to stop if not ban them.

I am also one of the only admins in game, the creator may get on from time to time but Less it is them that wronged you (Their keys will be The Doctor and The Master in OOC) it wasn't an admin. If I ban you, you can come to me Asap with a plea asking to be unbanned and it has to be a legit reason for me to do so.
By request I'm going open source with my project as I'm no longer working on it and I feel it could be expanded on by others.

Here's a puush link to the Felix Freerun dungeon master remake source. An original code not tied to other DM versions, but sharing many icons and similar base concept.

You have permission to do whatever the heck you want with it, but the icons still follow the same legal restrictions found of the original Dungeon Master open source, as well as the music included.

If someone could create a more permanent link than this and make it publicly visible that'd be cool, as puush links expire in time and I can't be bothered to upload it anywhere.

(You will require software such as winrar to extract the files)

It is requested you credit me, but do not claim to be me. Have fun.
If anyone wanted to play The Doctor's version on this game the Address is as follows: byond://BYOND.world.1671112935

I will help anyone that needs it the game is quite hard if you dont know what you're doing but it is like the other servers in game play. Hope to see you guys there.
I posted this in a separate discussion, but not sure if anyone even checks the separate ones. The Nexus Custom code is under new ownership, me, and I'm looking for a host, and an iconner for it.
Can someone tell me where i can get the last version of this that had special races like dragons and devourers enabled?
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that should be the latest with dragons and devourers :)
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