Final Fantasy Legacy

by Loud
Final Fantasy Legacy
The official version, it's a fangame based off "Final Fantasy 2" for SNES.
This is the official server of Final Fantasy Legacy.
It is currently being hosted and updated by Uhfrank, whom I've hired to work for me.
He has my direct permission to update the game as he sees fit.

This is a 24/7 server.
It is very stable and rarely will it crash.

I will be keeping this hub updated on new content as it gets added.
Currently, you can explore most of the Underground.
why the hell is this offline?
because FF owners are trying to get FF removed from Byond like Fundimation did with DBZ
Whyy!! T.T
Seriously, why does Square care about fans making a Final Fantasy 4 MMO that doesn't make any money. It be like breaking in someones house and telling them to break up a tabletop game based on Final Fantasy.
So much for a 24/7 server. Ha ha ha.
I liked this one a lot its too bad x.x
This is so sad. I remember playing this a few years ago .. nostalgia hit me whilst playing Terraria, so I had to come back. Why are you messing with us, Square.
i miss this game so fucking bad
God I really want to play this right now.
fuck square enix
I really miss this game.
I still remember playing it when I was about 14 years old or so. I'm 23 now, good memories.
I'd play it if it was still up. Hah, even though I was put in jail and humiliated in front of the whole player base, I'd still play again.
if i had host files i'd host, but idk how to get em D:
Please someone bring this back damn srsly Fucking Sq Enix bitched about this game??? woooooooooow really Square? no ones stealing profit....
Square loves to bitch don't they?
definatly miss this game
Oh come on, I played this game years ago, I want to play it again..
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