Death Note: Online

by Sabaku no Kira
Death Note: Online
1/8/21 -- WHAT? A ... 2021 update? That's gotta be a joke, right? Nope!

Hi. It's the artist formly known as "K" here, but you can call me "Ryde" now, or if you're really stuck with the "K" letter, "Kyzorai" will do. So much has changed in these last - the hub says 13, but I deleted the first one so I know its been 14 going on 15!! years -- but I still feel an incredible gratefulness for each and every one of you who has ever played this game, and the fact that there have been people who came onto this page in the past year, years, etc., talking about it, wanting it back, or just wanting to reconnect with old friends? Has me super emotional.

You guys -- not BYOND, but the incredible community I am forever blessed to have met -- were the driving force behind my passion to create; to make things for others to enjoy. It is not an exaggeration to say that I, likely 12 years old when you knew me, am now an almost-25 year old who has made his (yes, his! time changes a LOT of things) entire life path based on the feeling I got from bringing together people by creating something that they ended up finding community, friends, and happiness through.

I would love to do that again. I don't know if it'll be through BYOND -- I doubt it, honestly. But I could be convinced otherwise.

If anybody has any desire to help point me in the right direction, rib me on how awful I was as a pre-teen, say hi, or tell me what I should make next and what the heck I should be doing to do things the right way by you -- please feel free to hit me up; you can reach me on discord at ryde#2303 or e-mail at [email protected]; e-mail will be updated soon and a site will be added in the near future to show you guys my current projects so you can see the kinda stuff I can do now.

Thank you so much for being here after so long. DNO community, you were, and are, the absolute fucking best.
I believe this is the best death note game on byond.
It's awesome. Seriously. Go play it. Now. Stop reading this. PLAY IT! I told you to stop reading this. See that Now Live tab at the top? Click that. And join the server. Why are you seriously still reading this? You just wasted ten seconds that you could've spent playing this game. Go. Play as N or L. or X Y or Z. Or whoever you want to be. Just go, and play DNO!... please?
Yay! Third Comment!

But seriously, quite an enjoyable game.
Acultey like 10th comment my friend me and kira go into a tad fight=). either way this is a good game with people who arent complety blood thirsty and RP. nice user friendly interface. And a good game. Cant wait to see this game with the non host open server -.- let the killins start.
Ya even so with open servers people will abuse the lack of Gm's. with out them to goveren our fate we become more open and pron to voiliance and do waht ever we want. As long as the sword hangs over our head we will obay but remove it and we run around doing waht ever we want. It seems like a smart idea i by no means wish to bash you in any way whats so ever. but only time will tell mabay it will work out for the better and DNO can be a more widley played an open game for newcomers of rp to join. or it turns into Mh. either way Dno is always a good game with some smart people.
"Lack of GMs" my ass. Im pretty sure that all the GMs we have now will be attentive.
...They better be >_>.Pr
And this game is good, you should try it out, its fun especialy for Death note fans, as long as you can rp or can learn how to rp you will have fun playing this game
I always loved Death note but when i saw this game.. I was like WOW !! ^_^ Please join this game, seriously for me it can be the first ranked on byond games list.. D: Seriously it's awesome if you know how to make you're own history, you'r own carachter !! RP is awesome, you can easly find friends, get fun , You can realy enjoy it at 100% ^_^ this game owns and it's original..
This game has anything you would want to find on Byond:

Great RP
Awsome People
A Great chance to meet friends
Nice Roles
Good Sprites
100% Original

This game can't be 100% original.
It's using Death Note's idea.
But the other (or most) aspects, fully original.
Wolfdude5 wrote:
This game can't be 100% original.
It's using Death Note's idea.
But the other (or most) aspects, fully original.

You know that is what I ment by original X3
When DNO its gonna be On?
Can someone host DeathNote
Man. Complaning about servers wont get you anywhere just like on P2P servers. saying seed wont make things go faster. Just wait and calme down. in your free time...Lern a hobby, ride a bike, make a sandwhich, Make 1000 sandwhichs. or Go Outside. but dont complane on comment bordes about servers -.- . Good day all. XP
The hosts are handpicked if I recall correctly. Although DNO has had its downtime, I'm fairly sure it has its reasons. You maggots'll have to wait.
DNO is the game i really really love but its always offline..
Yay from the looks of a screenshot it seems we get to gambale our yen away. Horray for gambleing. all we need now is black jack.
Ghostshoot wrote:
Yay from the looks of a screenshot it seems we get to gambale our yen away. Horray for gambleing. all we need now is black jack.

Woohoo! That'd be awesome if it was ONLINE! -cries-

I'll admit - I was, and to a small extent, still am addicted to Death Note Online. I guess I found it uncontestable when a good roleplay got rolling, and a rather characteristic community behind it.

Now I find myself burned out, and I seem to keep getting into OOC arguments that detract from the experience, whether it be my own fault (usually) or someone else's.

Nonetheless, I feel confident that this is one of the most unique BYOND games around, and can be very good if something doesn't randomly ruin your experience (Random killing, false reports, OOC-to-IC grudges, etc.).

PS: This isn't a kill-fest game. You have to roleplay, and you have to think. Please do not come onto the game and ask for weapons randomly and such. >.>
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