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Would you be nice enough to tell me the password for NNG? ^^ I won't tell anyone else, just want to try it out.
Not yet. Unless you want to be one of those moving dummies for me to hit to test every single jutsu.
Berlin2222 wrote:
Not yet. Unless you want to be one of those moving dummies for me to hit to test every single jutsu.

I actually would't mind that I'd get to see the jutsu :D
Well I gtg now anyways. Also I'm working on Kage shit atm.
Inyekachi wrote:
hey dude
are you looking for gms on your game i can do some amture icconing i am trying to get beter but do you just need a genral gm my emaill is this encase you read this and want to get back to me [email protected]

No I don't want another GM. And I'm not just going to right now choose some random person that asks.
i am mnot some random mdude i have a lot of exprince i can icon to a extent just a trail period would be nice
at least give me a trail perion just so i can show you wahat i can do i will
put in a free piece of banna bread for ou you no you cant resisisti coudl even make you a forum

Well one thing. The ability to spell means a lot to me. I can't give GM to someone who can't spell. No offense.
I can Spell it is just when i am typing fast somtimes.
When i want to i spell well.
Can you at least just get a
chance to show you tha is all i ask for i mean i know you dont know me but at least give me a chance. Please think about it.
I laughed at reading these comments lmao. Still smiling about them now. xD
Get on MSN Howey.
MetaMaster wrote:

Wth? Why don't you go out and do something? Like a girl?
Can You Host Naruto Next Generation PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!

Can YOu Host It During The Week Please. It's The Only Reason I Even Play Byond Anymore
Berlin2222 wrote:

how much longer T_T
I left a comment on FaceOff Productions' page, and I'll leave one here. If you need a 24/7 lagless host, I've got a Gold Shell Server and would like to use it on more games. Leave a comment on my page or IM me on MSN @ [email protected]
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