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Hello, Would you mind helping me with my new dbz game? PLease add my email if so....

[email protected] <---email
Can i be a gm on unholy sagas when it comes out, please. I play another game with you and you should know by now that im a helping, kind,active and a sensible person.
Hey bro, add my new msn when u can... [email protected]
U better bring IS up or make another game like IS , fuawk!
Hey! You posted on an ad of 09 for a HP game. if you are still interested please reply back
Static!!!!! :D <----VERG your the best HOST idc what the fuck everybody say ^^
Soooo, can I be unbanned? Anima went and got himself banned, and since we're the same IP, I'm kind of banned as well. ._.
As Monkeyness said, Static, Indeed I did. How long does a ban last or is it permanent?
Whoever did the ban can most likely change it from sticky to key.
can I be unbanned from inflicted soulz
can i be unbanned
Are you still around?