[Bleach] Shinzui

by Cthulh
[Bleach] Shinzui
A unique Bleach game still in development.
Catamount33 wrote:
Its been along time since i've been on this forum.(Not really only a few months xD). Since this game is dead and all...how about someone finally give the public the source for this game! I mean its a pretty awesome game, but the down side is that people will probably make a rip out of this game. But really give the source up now, nobody is hosting anymore so it won't matter. Also Zhug probably forgot about this game completely. Sooooo yea :)

I agree with this, the game hasn't been updated since last year and the host has been gone for ages along with the fact that when it actually is hosted I don't normally see very many players at all, let alone staff. I say it's about time the games source was put up for download because it's painfully obvious that the game died some time ago.
I miss this game :(
Here u guys have a unoficial byond hub (Here u can find naruto,dragon

ball,bleach games, and rips that are not listed on byond hub)
http://byondhub.blogspot.com/ :
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It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
I'm hosting the game right now at byond://

This is the actual game, but the hub password here has been changed so it won't show up on the hub.

I just got my hosting working, so I am not sure how good it will be yet. Be sure to let me know.
Ok, I recreated this hub to make the game more accessible and easier to find. Have fun guys! :)

Try about this Bleach Game is also based on Bleach Manga I think this will be better.http://www.gogames.me
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The game has been continued, updated, fixed and hosted!

rip bleach shinzui
I really want this game to come back... :(
In response to Prsartori
i really hope it comes back as well
Has been over 4 years and the game is still dead. Really wish it would come back
In response to Drezan
there are whispers of a second coming
In response to Catamount33
Honestly, I hope so. I'd love to see a second coming. This game was probably one of my favorites.
I have the source but need a host, page me if you can host it.
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