Pokemon Aurora

by Mechana2412
Pokemon Aurora
Retro PAU now being hosted!
Dear god, that mess again? o3o
Or are you talking about a freakishly older version?
I know you might not like this idea, but you could still work on the updates and release it at chrismas time or when you have a holiday next. And in the mean while you could put up the PAU server that Dr.Drax and LunarPikachu were hosting.

This is only a sugestion i'm not advising you to do this, and please don't think that i'm being impatient.
I understand :)
That's pretty much what Kumo was saying about hosting the old PAU. The only thing is that if he's going to do that- I am personally going to make sure MY MODERATION VERBS WORK
-glares at broken, screwed up, shuffled and spat out codes in the original source-
Great minds think alike lol.

P.S. School has put me off my game too but i'm trying to complete it soon. I keep on getting homework each time when I finish a previous piece of homework. And I always push my homework to a side lol.
I know your pain...but quite frankly I barely get homework this year...If I do, it's no more than 2 classes (Typically math and physics...which go very well as homework together)
Make sure you're still working hard at school at least, you don't want a fallout like I had .-.
I work hard at school but i just mainly slack at meeting deadlines for homework.
I am trying to meet deadlines with my homework now.
The old PAU server is up.
Kat and I will be building off of the old PAU since motivation for a complete overhaul came to a halt.
when will the game be up?
Its been 2 weeks already and its still not up (or maybe 4 weeks)
If you people crave to know whats happened then read the previous comments.

I assure you that i'm not yelling at you.
I have recently finished a basically bug-free version of the game (not guaranteed) and minor updates. I have sent it to Kumo and it should be hosted by the end of the week :)
sorry if I'm killing you guy's patience!
Yay the games back up! :D
I have announced an update I am currently working on. Check the forums for details!
What's up with Drax's server today? :/
I have no clue. I can only assume that he had to shut down his computer. I guess we're looking for a new host now...
whens the game going up
What just happened? My game froze and when I logged back in, everyone but four people were apparently disconnected aswell.
It went down AGAIN?!?! D:
Hey if anyone sees Shotton17 can you tell him that i will not be on for who knows how long? PLEASE TELL HIM PLEASE becuase i am the co-owner of pokemon red rose so please tell him i wont be on ever because of my brother and mom
There are forums for a reason guys...
really :(
Also, sorry about how often it goes down, I am trying to find some way to get the files from Drax to LunarPikachu, but it seems nearly impossible ATM :/
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