Pokemon Aurora

by Mechana2412
Pokemon Aurora
Retro PAU now being hosted!
yep i likez that idea
Plz mech or someone reply?
I replied, but yes somebody plz let Klonolunar host a older verson of PAU until the new version is complete and ready.
give me the files for the game i can host it and get it going again
I wonder when this game be live once more.
Lol, this is cute. Guess it got completely abandoned... It's a shame really but all great things end, ya know?
My version of Pokemon Aurora is being hosted. You can join through this link: byond://
r.i.p. in peace
was good fun
i miss this stuff
add me on skype tho if you used to play with me
its jadeviran
What happened to this game? Why isn't this played?
This hasn't been hosted in years! Why haven't the files been released? I'd love to play this again D:.
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