Naruto Birth of the Legendary Shinobi

by Goditz
Naruto Birth of the Legendary Shinobi
200+ Jutsu that you can combine to make your own jutsuís. Sub clan system to get 1/2 of another clanís jutsu. Tons of Clans, Villages, and Cities. Come see what all the fuss is about for yourself.
Player Servers are BACK!
i like this game but the sever named bood is not on and that is the only sever that i go on and i need to get on that one i had a lot of work on that player he is like level 336 and he has fox demon level 3 and is strong plz bood come back plz
Emister is a 40 year old virgin acting as a 9 year old...Beware....
This game is garbage.
so why was i just banned from [Atachi and Mayakashi's) server and i didnt even do anything
Ryando17 i dont know what you are talking about but emister is not like that you dumb ass sorry for the language but i was his teacher
hey what ever happend to artemis server she ant on no more did no one come any more or something
will someone tell me if and when boods sever will come back
Rugg wrote:
This game is garbage.

well Your a piee of shit
thats just NOT RIGHT this game is a lot of fun
y is boods sever not on i have like a level 336 player and just got fox demon level 3 its so cool i need to play on boods sever so plz bood come back
will someone plz tell me how to host this game the first to tell me i will give you first in my staff and kage 900000 of all stats and full hp and chakra i can not spell it but you know and full fox demon or full curse seal or full sand demon free sword and all the free stuff that you want plz someone give me host files

go to this and see what all you will get if you give me host files
y is it every difrent server for this game has diffrent save files?
Boods sever needs to come back
Suigashi-This game is very unige and by that I don't meen the icons.It has plenty of justu and its very easy to comunicate with people.It has a great system and Im glad t be a part of it.
this game is GOLD and fun and Boods sever needs to come back
thats right this game is a lot of fun
This game rocks so anyone calls this came a peice of shit u the one that is
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