by Iccusion Entertainment
Online role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world.
This game has been ported to another engine. You may play it at https://vylocity.com/play/Iccusion/Teridal

Or you may join the Discord to stay updated with progress and more at https://discord.gg/7mNGbHB
Man i love this game
ok why is this game lagging really bad for every even people with really good computers. This never happend before to anyone. Aaiko why is the sever not working at its best? This game normaly runs fine then the lag appered and its getting worse. So Aaiko why is the lag here? Is it because of update on May 19?
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The server probably needed to be rebooted. It's been running for quite awhile. I went ahead and hard rebooted it, hopefully that helps.
Years ago the servers always had this problem. It will pass.
ok i'm having another problem. Ever snice yesterday my guy turned invisalbe. So i couldn't move or see my guy. I could only chat. Now none of the games i play now inculding this one are brocken and i can't play. This game is very good if you stay long enoungh. So why is this happending i'm getting bored of playing Minecraft on my pc and xbox.
Yeah with this enchantment update could you lower the mana costs for dreadnaught? I've tried both strength/wisdom and strength/intelligence enchantment builds and it's just not enough, I do believe they were balanced while having both of them but I can only get a couple dreadstrikes in before I have to switch to grim haunt because it destroys your mana, then depending on which you picked between wisdom or intelligence you're rather switching back and forth too much dealing with the haunt delays and overall all tech delay from switching or the mana restore from grim haunt just isn't fast enough making barbarian or windwalker simply better than dreadnaught. Hunters shadowdancer was out dpsing me in both builds, and it would be ridiculous if I had to go wisdom/intelligence.

On a side note, my Wings are forcing me to pick stamina, I can't go strength/wisdom or anything else, has to be stamina/something. I hope that's a bug, since unyxor wings don't do that.
Keeps saying this game is a virus when i try to launch it.
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Lordjamex wrote:
Keeps saying this game is a virus when i try to launch it.

Not sure why that is, I've played it for years and I've never had that message for this game specifically, but I have had it when I downloaded Byond.
Does anyone have the old Seika files? I used to, but I lost them due to a friggin virus. I've looked for them everywhere... Even tried using the Wayback Machine. No luck though. =\ If anyone could upload them I'd love them long time. :D
Soooooo why is there never anyone on anymore? Between this and Mystic Journey, there ALWAYS was a server running, even earlier this year.

What happened?
I can't connect to the game, so thats why I'm not there. = S
Happens every year, school starts and everyone disappears.
yup agreed itll pass and youll see people again
Can't wait for this game to take off again!
thats definitely not why people aren't on. The group of hardcore players that filled this game up are all playing other games now. Eventually people will come full circle though.
Also, throwing this out there as a player looking for a game to join, I'm immediately turned off when the ONLY info I see on the game is describing subscriber benefits and nothing else. Not the most attractive way to get players.
Dont worry Atomic, its a great game!
I wish people would effing come back here. I understand people have other stuff to do, but other people? I don't care if they have max gear and everything, there are new people coming and I am one of the few active high-geared level 100s left out there, and I can't get them to boss by myself.

If we want this game to be revived, we're gonna need some effing help.
Can't page you and haven't seen you in game so before I forget, weird bug: http://i48.tinypic.com/25h32w0.png
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