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Online role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world.
The ropes may be new, but the player base is far from. Take heed my words, consider not the games lively hood, but your OWN HONOR IS AT STAKE!
He added classes, made the game pay to win and basically killed the player base completely with stupid choices. The game is beyond saving; he pulled a EA and jewed it up. This game used to be the Ultima Online of Byond but now it's nothing more than generic crap.
Wrong. If you knew anything about this game PVP is end game. An those classes you have to PVP for by getting charters. Player base changes when they start getting top gear and drop the game from rage quitting not getting certain drops. Bossing all day every day gets tiresome. Yes is more a boss system like WoW with Tank, Heals, and DPS but to each their own. Leave your hate at home. Many people still love and play the game everyday. You don't like it don't play it.
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Blah500 wrote:
Many people still love and play the game everyday.

All two of them!
Someone needs to learn how to count.
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Blah500 wrote:
Someone needs to learn how to count.

Oh sorry. Wasn't aware it was just you.

smh Apparently, you only learned how to count to two.
this game needs to be revived, its really good why is no one playing it and how dare you abandon this game
You consume: Blazeattack's Conjured Meat!
After all these years it finally happened o_o
Anyone interested in killing bosses or taking castles. If so log on Sundays from 6pm - 8 pm Pst for raids and boss runs.
I'm at the beach on vacation but I'd rather be playing Teridal! Or Seika. Seika would be amazing.
Well, today I am IMMENSELY happy to say that after salvaging around my old computers hard-drive I have found host files for the old original Seika.

I would much enjoy using these files for the enjoyment of others here that would still enjoy playing the older version of Teridal. All I ask is the permission to do so ^_^
Under the realization that neither of the main people that made Teridal are around anymore, Seika is now being hosted here byond:// for people that still want to play the old clasic.
The Seika server will now be hosted again as I have fixed the problem with my routers ports. Server up time is from around 12-pm to 1-am u.s.a central time dependent on my schedule.
Hypernazo is a good guy for hosting Seika and all, but my server has been 24/7 stable for a little over a month or so now... IP:

In response to Decrepified
Ironically enough, the server I'm running would be 24/7 if not for the fact I'm having to use a laptop with a bad cooling fan. Though I do have plans on getting an external cooling fan once I save up some money.

Coo-dos to you for hosting a stable server though.
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