Your First World

by Dantom
A simple project to get you started.
Begin your journey to DM wizardry. This simple project guides you through the first steps of using the Dream Maker compiler to build a multi-player world.

Thanks to LordAndrew for maintaining the tutorial.
Enjoy Play my new first Mario Game
Half of the icons used in this are unreadable.
I've fixed the icons and modified the readme to point towards relevant/existing locations.
i downloaded it but i cant make game or do you gotta have exp on making codes for games?
im clicking the download nothing happend
In response to HeroXyros
Strange, it works for me. Are you receiving any sort of error in the BYOND pager when you try to download it?
I also have the same problem, I click the download button but nothing happens but when I go on Internet Explorer it works but it gives me an error to the page.
In response to Mark975
What error is it giving? And what browser were you using before you tried downloading it in Internet Explorer?

If the main download link isn't working for some reason, you could try downloading the demo using the [Zip] link.
when ever i try to compile, it wont work, and what's this whole density thing for the wall?
also the duplicate definition crap
In response to Tiggytiggy122
Could you post what errors you're receiving from the compiler? I don't see any when I compile it on my end.

On the subject of density: density is a Boolean variable (meaning it can only be TRUE (1) or FALSE (0)) that determines if another dense object can move on to the same tile as it.
When I download this, I get the place where I can play games, but I don't know where or how to create them.
In response to Awes0meperson
It should open the tutorial in Dream Maker upon downloading. If not, you could try downloading it via the [Zip] link and unpacking it yourself with WinRAR or 7zip or something. From there you just double-click the .dme file to open it.
words explanation ever i am not a geek and i want to learn this but 99% of the words you use are too much this does not help me build anything remake this tutorial and use more simple words instead of these unnecessary big words which just confuse you i dont get why coders have new words for stuff that already has its name
I'm clicking the download and I get no error, the page just stays the same. It's as if the download no longer exists, so it can't be downloaded. Oh yeah, and I'm on Chrome.
In response to Fafeman
Hey there Fafeman. What version of the pager are you using? If you're using the new one (> 498) then the download should work, though you'll have to open the pager (which should now be redirected to the hub for the library) and open it from there, as downloading it from the site merely installs it. If this doesn't work, you can directly get the demo from the [Zip] link, which will let you just unpackage it somewhere and then you can just run the .dme file from there.
In response to LordAndrew
Oh yeah, sorry. I just saw the [Share][Zip] links. Thanks.
ummm, LordAndrew I've used the Zip button and i used 7zip to try and unpack it button it just shows a command prompt screen for like half a second and that's it.Can you give me any further direction's or tell me if i did anything wrong. Thank you
In response to Bladetrapper
Strange, the command prompt shouldn't be involved whatsoever unless that's something on 7zip's end that it's doing. It should just extract the demo's files and let you be able to open them. Does this occur with any kind of .zip file you try to open with 7zip, or is it specific to this demo's zip file?
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