by WildBlood
(RTS) game


Every time a planet is born, the universe sends a guardian to teach and guide the populous. The energies of the guardian or 'god' eventually becomes intwined with that of its followers binding thier fates together. However on one planet lush with new life and a young race of 'humans' the cosmos accidently sent multiple gods to lead the one race. This of course caused many problems and divided the race into religions each worshiping thier own god, thinking it better then the next, this lead to many scuffles between the religions but never has a full scale war broken out... that is untill now.


You, are a god, one of many. You yourself are immuned to physical harm.. that is so long as you have people to belive in you, for if noone believes in you, there is no you! Lead your followers in thier every day lifes, cast spells to defend or assist your people, Attact great creatures to fight for you, teach followers the ways of war and prepare to fight for you and thier existance.
I CAN host this a couple hours a day, however, I will need in-game auto-host. I can't stay on forever.

The thing is, there's no way for the host to stop playing, at least not one I'm aware of.
There is a auto host feature, but it automatically triggers, and it's a little finicky on how it works.

From what i have tested, There is no way to get it to operate when hosting in dream deamon, and the auto host can only work in Dream Seeker.

It is triggered when three players (one of which is not the host) are in the waiting list for the game to begin, and the host has dream seeker minimized.
Were games so good on 2005? God.