Creed: A SwordMans Oath

by Necron_Productions
Creed: A SwordMans Oath
This is a PvP roleplaying game so come and join us in the battle! We're back in Business!!
The game currently has 17 race, 14 choosable 3 hidden, 6 Organization, 7 Element, and a whole bunch of titles. You can train and battle other players, fight monsters, Do quest, and have alot of fun while doing events and RPs.

Current Admins

Owner = Galeblade_1

Co-Owner(s) = (Looking for new Co-Owner)

MGM(s) = Zero22

Admin(s)2(GM 5) =

Admin(s)1(GM 4) = Archang37

Host = Grishmak

GM(s)3 = Crimson Hatake

GM(s)2 = Fireclanninja, Slayer61

GM(s)1 = Inferint Long

To apply for GM, Admin, or MGM Here.

Currently I am only in need of a 24/7 host. and an emergency temp host.

Also please read the Rules.


Kurisu:Mapping, Coding, Iconning
Zero: Icons
Byond Members: Ranking the game
Players:Ideas and support



Member Who Rank Get Boost and In Game Stuff.
Also will be randomly Choosen by the owners for an extra boost.

Other Stuff


Houses are for sale for money to members ONLY!

Pets And Pet eggs will soon be finished and sold for money between 50k-100k(Depending on level of pet)

There will be a Lottrey and slot machines for player to win cash, item, and other amazing things!(Comming soon)

Ingame Bi-Hourly Event System. This system will have 15-20 different events that occur every two hours. Prizes will be given out once event is complete by the game. (Should be In before V 0.1.5.)-- Edit This should be completed before V. 0.1.2.

Updates For V 1.00-1.50:


Treasure Chest - 50%
New Powers(Elemental and Race) - 65%
New NPC Monsters - 20%
Pets and Egg Hatching System (only 3 Pets at one time also they are = to mid summons) - 65% (Needs one Iconners & one coder max) - Halted
New Races - Complete
?Possible New Elements (Ice (Already Combined with water), Wood(Earth), ?Steel(Who Knows)?) - 10 %? - Halted
New Map - 55%
Updated Old Map (Changing Some Icons) - 45% (Iconner/Mapper Requested)-Working while updating.
Boat Travel - 25%
Money Dropping System - Completed
New Quest - 20% (Killing kentu is now a quest.)
New Items (Weapons, Clothing, Armour) - 5% (Iconner needed) - Semi-Cancelled (Scythes added)
Treasure Items - 95%
Sellable Items - 100%
Updated Skill Level System (Capping Skill Level at 10000 now gives you a rank-like bonus) - Completed
Level System (New Level Cap is 20000-done) - Complete
Remodeling Old Powers - 75%
Re-Enstating Administration - 80% (need Two iconners and Two Coders Also a mapper if possible)-Semi Cancelled
Path Fusion - 85%
Updated Rp Game Style - 65%
Readjusting Ranks (Make All organizations A bit more even) - 75%
Readjusting Battle System - 89%
Self Help Verbs (Eg. Fix black Screen, Fix icon, Return to Afterlife, etc.) - Completed
Gainable Divine Powers - 75% (Will be explained in forums in later Updates)
?Possible New Organization? - Undecided

Items Found in Chest:
Types - Metal, Copper, Silver, Gold, Special
Items - money, Pet eggs, nothing, may be booby trapped, weapons, alot of money, keys for other chest, jewels, Experience Scrolls, etc.

I'd Like to apologize for the previous delay's in bringing back Creed from since March. I was busy with some othe issues but now we're able to ge back in business. I'll be looking for iconners and coders. View forums! for more information or Click Here!

We're picking back up on the 1st of August for sure so be sure to check us out. Okay peace!

Download the host files Here if that doesn't work try this one.

08.20.2009: Unfortunately for the longest while my computer has been preventing me from logging on to host the game myself. This is why I placed the host files. But it seems that the games supporters as well as admin have vanished. Therefore i will be destroying This game as well as the hub and as soon as my internet is back up i will be placing Creed 2.0 up on my other Account: Galeblade's.
hub. That is all

Other Good Games:

Creed II: Return of the Warriors
You know who this is, BOY!
i may can host it but i need host files
Taran09 wrote:
i may can host it but i need host files

Files are posted on the hub near the bottom. Creed II is being worked on now however.
I tried to download the host files but it didnt work. any suggestions?