Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
i must add a this is why people never get past the web page cause they read the snide ass remarks left by these 2 dipshits and imediatelly think the game sucks its people like you who just need to die
I miss you all as well! Hope everyone had a merry xmas and happy New Year.
Is there a download available for this game?
Hell no there isnt, if there was i'd already be hosting it
Anyone have any idea how long rues going to be on vacation?
In response to Exido
If I recall correctly he said he'd be gone thru Sunday which of course is today. So he''l probably have the game back up tomorrow.
Important to note is that at this time I have no plans on any production of any game. If I do anything it will be on WotM as Lute has given his interest that SoE be done with.
I would love to see WOTM get finished. Lemme know if you ever need someone to host.
There's a new official team page: https://www.facebook.com/8bitdream
Do not be so *CLANK* foolish. "Shadows of Erdrick" is *whirr* FINISHED.
Well in newest news the latest update of SoE will go live once the host chooses so. As Byond's state has gotten beyond bad no more updates are planned to be worked on.
Server has been moved to my desktop, which is much more powerful and directly connected to internet instead of wireless. Address has changed to a different port, so if you cannot connect with bookmarks, that's why. There should be significantly less lag for the time being, perhaps even less when Lute finishes his update. :)
Noob question, I joined the game, came to the start up screen, and it told me to click "Center." I tried clicking the center of the screen as well as everything else I could think of and nothing happened. Help?
Not center as the screen but center as in the 10 key touch pad (key 5 on the right side of the keyboard)
In response to Bardock329
Like Dpheonix7 said and with NumLock off.
I'm on a laptop I have no number pad.
You will need to set your macros then for .center
Well seems Byond does not want me on SoE. I can log into any other game, but SoE times out connecting. Do know I have no abandon'd the world, just being held from it.
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