Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
Hey Sylvia, are you using the join link from hub or using a byond bookmark? The IP has changed, so I wonder if that is the cause.

I do not have you banned in anyway, nor does Dream Daemon show you even attempted to join.
I've tried every method. It says connecting to server then just goes away and nothing happens.
Perhaps try using an older version of byond, only thing left I can think of.
I have to use an older version and still can not connect. I believe the problem lies withen my router but since I can connect to other games the only thing I can think of is the routers firewall setting is conflicting with your port and the new Byond's pager port.
Wotm updates going well. Plans to update soe's hub page. More updates in the next few months hopefully.
Hey can I get some help please? I can see the game on the hub but I can't seem to connect to the game when I click play. ):
You seem to be having my problem. I get the screen saying it's connecting but it never actually connects.
Yeah. I'm experiencing the exact same problem. I left the connecting screen there for like 30mins to try my luck but it didn't work.
I'm experiencing that same problem. The blue BYOND thing comes up then almost immediately disappears w/o bringing the game up.
I remember Lute had this issue long ago, had something to do with the port being used. It wouldn't load for him for ports under 9000.
I will be hosting SoE2 on weekends for the time being. If a strong interest is held for that, it'll be every weekend. SoE1 will be remaining hosted as normal, however. I'm also open to hosting one of DPheonix's other games such as DWHD2 on the weekends if there is interest.

Originally was going to host DWLegacy but only host files available are a highly trollish one with many bugs.
i really wish this game had more people willing to spread the word about it [good or bad] to allow people to try it out for themselves. being the only one who is playing it in a mostly constant basis does tend to get boring at times...
Now that he's forum-banned, maybe we'll see who was really so butthurt. Or not; whatev.

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