Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
Suddenly an anger!
hey guys... was thinking about the good SoE days and was wanting to get in touch with all the people i used to play with. look me up on Facebook Facebook.com/connor.holt

i used to play as a mage quite often, but had a high level thief too. :) hope everyone has been doing well.
Hey Cascade, how's it going? You should play again, man. There's a ton of new content.
By all means, produce evidence that I'm an asshole.
This is a community driven online game. Players and staff will interact via Worldsay or Say. Because of the fact that this community is very close knit, players and even staff may poke fun at each other. I recall no instance where I made fun of or harassed any player of SoE with malice. It would make zero sense, as I am trying to code for and improve this game.
It's very clear to me that you don't wish to discuss this as a mature adult. I'm very sorry if I, my staff, or the community wronged you. You are more than welcome to swing by if you want to play Shadows of Erdrick in the future.
If you don't want to chat, have at it. I can't speak for my players though, as they're a helpful bunch.
If you're referring to quadkeying, that's against the rules and has always been against the rules. I am not changing that. As long as you keep to two keys logged in at one time, I don't mind. As for the situation you're referring to, I believe I stuck up for you and said that I can understand someone using a name from Dragon Warrior/Quest in a Dragon Warrior fangame. My names would be unoriginal as well, seeing as they're both misspelled character names from other RPGs. Rodyle from Tales of Symphonia and Karst from Golden Sun are where I even got the idea for Rodile and Krast to use in online games. Remaking characters is not against the rules an no one would bat an eye at it. If you constantly log on and off, however, it becomes mildly annoying.

Worldsay and Say are a feature in the Byond client as Byond is based off MUDs, which are the primitive form the MMORPG. I will not accommodate removing such a feature from the game, although you are welcome to not speak. (There is a turn off Worldsay verb in your command bar.)
You're welcome to have as many accounts as you want. I've got 5 keys, two of which I rarely use. I have looked into expanding character save slots, but I haven't found any definite ways to expand our current amount of 3.

It could always happen at some point.
Well this was some interesting late night reading I must say.
Sages still do get Absolute Zero, just at a much later level. That said...

Blowing up on the SoE hub isn't the best way to get our attention about your concerns about nerfs. You are being banned until further notice, Zoma.
what is the center in start up i press every key and it dont work
Take numlock off and press 5 on the number pad.
http://www.byond.com/games/8bitdream/ DragonWarriorShadowsofErdrick

for those who still wish to play the game.

nuff said
In response to Firedrake63
Yeah, I have a laptop T.T
This is the greatest and best game in the world. A masterpiece.
byond:// [come back and play the greatest game all over again.]
http://www.byond.com/games/RetroRevival/ DragonWarriorShadowsofErdrick
[just to make sure there is more than one way]
FrankDrebbon wrote:

I... don't think that's true, dude.
Pretty good game. A lot like the old Dragon Quest/Warrior games. Definitely a lot better than the fremium and especially gacha garbage- where you have to spend thousands of dollars just to compete-that plagues the gaming market nowadays.

Just wondering is there an up to date guide for the game anywhere? I found a guide but it hasn't been updated since about 2013.
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