Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
Sounds good it sucks not having the gang around anymore. I tried to find something else on byond but I can't find anything that can hold my interest for more than 5 minutes.
True story. I'm currently in The Saloon, but I'm hankering for some rpgin'
Yeah there arent any RPGs, Theyre either all incomplete or complete crap :(

Well there has been some advancement in all the work I have to redo for WotM. Byond's little change with fan games has caused a whole rethinking of the game and FF was dropped from it. So sorry no FF6 fan game for Byond. I been redoing tiles and I made some custom music. If my work schedule allows I should have a testable version in the next month or two. Really depends on how mapping goes.
I am still unable to get medals same for Scarcy I was wondering if you could see into that
Not sure why. I don't know enough about how the system works to figure it out. Hopefully it gives the next up medals when you first earn them.
Not sure about server crashes, but I was able to snag the error log from one. I'll work on it my next day off.
Hey,Sylvia I seem to have of ran into an issue with my White Knight.I was in the Mirror of Ra cave on the basement floor,and I got into a battle with...pit vipers? Well they were pink and poisonous snakes.I was surrounded and poisoned multiple times during the battle I started dealing 2 damage(note there were three of them) then they killed me.I looked at my equips to find out why I was doing 2 damage and it seems I was unable to equip anything at all. Soldier equips,cleric equips,and even accesories were unequipable and before you go "Did you try this and that" I tried bagging transfering to pet different methods buying nothing worked D:
Aww that happened to the server? I am offering my services to host it. email me [email protected]
Quite simple really. Games had crashing issues and Syls been busy workin. Prolly hasn't been around to put it back up.
As opposed to any other Byond game brimming with idiots? Welcome to the internet where have you been for the last 15 years?
Hey guys it's Slurp my computer was hacked and infected with a virus it works now I restored my system to a previous date and blocked all the files the virus was opening but I can't play byond anymore for some odd reason it never registers any of my accounts to be logged in on my own computer if I ever get the chance I'll try to get on another computer
Hope you read <3
To play on my server you will have to download BYOND 483.1092. Here is a direct link

Or you can just go to the downloads page for the BYOND client.
What happen to SoE 1 will that ever be back up to play?
SoE1 had a crashing issue and was a dead game, nobody played. So it was taken down. It was decided that it wasn't worth the effort to fix or continue hosting.
Will a new server be put up anytime soon? I just got 3 friends into it, and we'd like to start playing again.
I'd rather play this (SoE2) than the original DWHD...
Hi all. I'll host SoE if anyone wants. I'm starting to get SoE withdrawal shakes really bad. I need to do a VC run!
I can appreciate the offer to host, but I'd worry about lag and what not. I'd be annoyed if there was constant lag and probably not play. Worth a try if you are willing and able.
Sorry we can not host this game anymore publicly after the whole Square-Enix issue. We are trying to get WotM done so we have a game we can host on the main page. Everything we loved about SoE is going to be added that we can.
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