Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
What's the whole Square-Enix issue? I was just logging on tonight to do the same thing Roland just offered to do and host the game. This game really is a dead cause then? No possible way for a capable host to run this game? Sooo many questions. Hope to hear from someone who knows, I miss this game. So many great memories.
SoE2 is up on my member page at http://www.byond.com/members/Dpheonix7. SoE1 is still being decided on what we will do about the host files. It may be tougher to have out anyways as it does require grouping to get very far.
So is it now illegal or something to have the game running? What's going on there when you say 'Sorry we can not host this game anymore publicly after the whole Square-Enix issue.'

Robert is sooo confused. Ha ha ha. I really miss you guys a lot. I was never around as long as many of the oldbies, but I have been with SoE since 2007. It's weird not being able to long on anymore, I feel like I took the game for granted. I hope somehow, this all works out. *crosses fingers*

Hey, anyone know what happened to Soda? What's the story there? I remember him telling me one time he was gonna go off to the military, but I'm not sure if he ever did that.

Hope to keep in touch with more of you guys soon.

One of my first and favorite online games...

Great memories... I wish it were 2005 again.

Oh, and hey Robbie and Roland.
Soda's around! If you have skype or msn add me! I'm mekanis on skype and [email protected] on msn
Concerning the Square Enix issue...

I found out from another person who made a Dragon Quest fangame that SE sent out several cease-and-desist notices to Dragon Quest games that were live. A little depressing considering in the past, they said as long as you weren't making money off of the game or claiming their property as your own, they were cool with fangames.
Uh what about Soda?
Square Enix need to be more like lucasarts when making fan games like how lucasarts gives family guy permission to use star wars people without making them look off.
Man...I really really wish we could play. I miss being on this game all day sometimes. Sucks we cant have our own offline version..
I really would like to play SoE again also. Personally i nvr cared about lag as even when others didnt have lag i did cause of the internet i was on and the crashing issues werent that big a deal. I just miss hanging out with everyone and playing a game where it took days and weeks to beat.
Also i know it probably is impossible and most likely will never happen but i wish that the old SoE before all the new changes and stuff was playable again. The old version may have been really hard and impossible to solo anywhere but it was the funnest version i played
Huh Huh Huh!What a wuss!
I am the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!
Yeah Yeah Zombieburger is a wuss. More like Zombiebooger!
What ZombieBurger failed to mention was that he (Edrick) was being a super annoying trolling noob, and he got butthurt because he got a taste of his own medicine.

This game actually is pretty good, and the community isn't bad either. Take ZombieBurger's comment with a lot of salt...because there's more than one side to every story.
I agree with Ryu. Edrick/zombie came on here and started to attempt trolling. The current gaming community does not look too highly upon new members coming in trying to change stuff, troll long term members, or generally be a moron. Game is amazing. I have played for 6 years and will always keep coming back because of the game and the community.
Looks like a decent game but I cant even start it im stuck at the press center screen. Wtf does press center mean?
Center stands for the central key in the 10 key pad. This would be the 5 key. Make sure your numlock is off.
If on a laptop, you might need to macro a .center command. This is pretty easy to do though. When the game is open, go to the upper left corner and hit "File," "Options and Messages," then "Client," and finally "Macros..."

From there, click "New Macro." in the box called "command," type ".center" (without quotes). for key, you can designate whatever key you want, but keep in mind this game has a few built in macros, so you might end up getting two keys at once. I recommend the insert or delete key.
New updates coming in. Pet Staff bug fixed. Item stack limits being added. Missing monster and spells planned for next update. Some monster icons fixes.
After all that something major planned out.
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