by Exadv1
An emulation of a command line atmosphere.
This game is basically an emulation of a command-line envrionment. It is still under heavy testing and development. I am posting it so you can experiment by yourself without interruption.
I love this alot.
Why isn't this popular, it is awesome.
I love this game, it lets me make programs and hardware setups I don't have enough money to do in real life hehe.
Dude this is probably the most unique game I have seen yet, i love it keep up the good work!
host/developer sucks game good but the guy who developes/hosts it sucks [yes you nadrew]
Dropshotz: I shouldn't have to spell out the rules, there's a thing called common sense that says not to flood the chat and throw a hissy fit when you don't get what you want. These are the kind of things you should know by the time you turn 7-years-old.

Your ban is set to expire automatically in 3 weeks, but due to your recent outbursts I've extended it another 2 weeks.
well i dont care. your like "Oh i want to extend i dont care abaut him i'll shit him" now if i would say owner to strip ur developer ship HE would do it. Common Sense, Humph noone would EVER think rules are there so OR you make a rules tab OR you say when the game loads that in the Common Sense there are rules not that we dont even know
The "owner" has nothing to do with this game anymore, I'm not worried about your complaining.
he has and he will for ever
This game is still awesome. Dang, I wish I could be a dev for this.
Is Nadrew still around and working on this game? I've been MIA in regards to BYOND these past few years.
Bumpity bump bump.
This game is amazing, wish more people would play.
Hey Dever, if you are the one hosting this and are reading this: Never stop.

console is simply one of the best, fun enviroments to get involved with coding.
Console is now open-source!
In response to Nadrew
Nadrew wrote:
Console is now open-source!

This is fantastic news!
Oh wow! I just realized this a couple years later.
Happy to hear Nadrew! Game has been fun and you've allowed it to keep persisting by open sourcing it.