Bleach Eternity

by Falacy
Bleach Eternity
MMORPG Styled Game, Loosely Based on Bleach.
In response to Im rolf
Im rolf wrote:
When is the server that has new bount i cons ganna be up??

thats my server, and its usually always up
How tdo you allow people to join your server, i cant portforeward for some reason it wont work.
ProxyNeku wrote:

I will never play the game on 2013 april 6

why cant i change the color of my hair?
Lots of Progress, fixing major bugs :D
In response to TheSilencedOne
cuand pondran hollow actulicen rapido quiero jugar full bien y q entren mas personas
whens the update for the main server Zeus coming out.
When the update is complete. The owner keeps adding new things to update which makes the time for it to come longer but also includes more stuff.
When I host my own server I can't get visored, the building isn't there
hey how do i get inner hollow and fuse
can someone please update the download server or at least fix it so that we can get visored and fusion
I enjoy this game very much. In-depth skill tree, quest system, semi-quick leveling, detailed graphics (for Byonds pixelated graphics), and other aspects of the game that many other games don't have. But the one thing i don't understand is the amount of players. Falacy is very well known in the Byond community and recently, i've maybe seen 10-15 players on at the most.
People obviously like rips better.
whens the game coming back on..? ( i hope you guys are doing this cause of v2)
Zeus server crashed.
Human class, Hollow class, Arrancar, Vai 1,2,3 added not finished but added ill post again when its up
Zeus and Kins server don't wanna help about the coding. More details on forums.
when will yasushy's server be back up?
yea when will yasushy's server be back up
LOL the fan meter is 5000 it be good to take a shot sceen now
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