Bleach Eternity

by Falacy
Bleach Eternity
MMORPG Styled Game, Loosely Based on Bleach.
is v.2 ever coming out?
make me Temp GM plz
Story Line!?
how do i update my own server?
This message is to bleach eternity remake, this is to god unban wwefan1, why, because it was a prank i logged in wwefan1 to show you that i could defend myself but when you banned him then you banned me so please my fellow friend,please unban wwefan1 so i could play one of the greatest game in the whole universe and acomplish what i was doing please!
Thank you
Yami as Halo100
what happened with the updated server?? .-.
Is Vizard form available in the Download or just in the main servers
where do you go to get the hollow mask?
Is the source still hosted somewhere?
If the original source is somewhere this is one of the games i would love to make a mod on. i would be willing to buy the source if anybody has the official source?
Kyle I have the source if you need it
Sorry I did not check back for so long, I've not actually played this game in so long now xD Though yeah, if you would be willing to send me the source i would be greatful. My email is [email protected] or my skype name is kairu-korinotsu if you would rather use that. thanks ^^
Where did everyone go?
how to use race changer?
In response to Invotis
probably to the extreme server LOL,
ive been asked by alot of people to recode, ber again. i just dont know if i should. whod play...
I wish the original game went up, not the remakes.
looks like a badass game but why havnt you updated it?
And....we're back in action!
Can someone help me i'm trying to play offline but each time i start it up it doesn't react it goes even to Welcome screen but then it stops even sound works.

I'm only getting it with this game!
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