Bleach Eternity

by Falacy
Bleach Eternity
MMORPG Styled Game, Loosely Based on Bleach.
any news on the Bankai's of Kaname? his bankai skill list doesn't open.. and Byakuya doesn't have an active skill in his bankai skills.

Byond update Crashed server. Will fix 6/5/16. Server down until then.
Fallacy could u fix the game the download of the game cause when you play single player mode it always crashes as soon as it comes on
anyone know whats up with this large update?
I want to play this game again :'(
Please someone for create a new server ?
i want to play this game again anyone have a source
Falacy pls make it open source or hell let me host
You will notice me senpai
Here is the source with a few edits that I've made. I will tell you what I've done so that you can change what you want and so on. There are three map files: "Map" is the original -Bugged-; "Map1" is one I edited from scratch of the original to fix login -Bugged-; "Map2" is the map compiled and is the map I edited from Map1 to fix the bugs. There was a lot of lag and freezing so I made some changes. The things that made the game lag were the spells (Kidous and Hadous) and the universal spells for all class (The healing and such). I removed those parts on Map2 so the game could run smoothly since it lagged when I compiled them. What I think you can do is you can add the spells to the class when the player logs in. Other than that you can fix it yourself. I was too lazy to try and fix it. The freezing was caused by one line of code which I deleted since it was not that long. What it did was any skill that was an "Attack", "Active", or "Support" would freeze the game. If you want all the Admin verbs then just find "*YourUsername*" in the codes. Allows you to use Test verbs. I've also added Human class... (incomplete). You can complete it since I don't think it's that hard. :)

Source: AAD52v3_an4Pn3mVlx6omUDia?dl=0
The problem isn't the map, the problem is that BYOND broke its loop iteration. In world/New(), the game loops through abilities and creates new ones, which adds them to the world list its iterating through (which it shouldn't, and didn't used to) so it just infinitely loops, and creates infinite objects, which crashes the game before it even starts.
Any way to fix it?
for(var/obj/Skills/Bankais/S in world)
for(var/obj/Skills/Shikais/S in world)
for(var/obj/Skills/S in world)
if(!S.z) continue
if(S.SkillType=="Active" || S.SkillType=="Attack" || S.SkillType=="Support")
AllSpecials+=new S.type
for(var/obj/Spells/S in world) if(S.z) AllSpecials+=new S.type
for(var/obj/OffSpells/S in world) if(S.z) AllSpecials+=new S.type

The z check prevents it from infinitely looping. Not sure these were all grouped in a proc before, likely did that in my attempt to find the source of this bug.
If you guys are trying to get ahold of me i'll be active here in Discord. Feel free to join.
My server will be up 24/7 with regular updates
i cant talk with an npc
The game isnt bad but the loading times are insane
In response to H3zy
H3zy wrote:
The game isnt bad but the loading times are insane

Shouldn't be any load times in a byond game o.O
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