not funny, divine :P
Rawr +1 post :P
Add me Divine :D
Been a while - just dropping by to say hello!
Let's talk over e-mail about it.

[email protected]
getting a new laptop ;)
How difficult exactly is the XBox Arcade programming?

Don't think I wasn't interested - I am, just I cannot at the moment. :P Perhaps in the future.
It isn't just Xbox arcade, it's XNA as a whole, which can be windows phone, xbox, or just windows OS. It's pretty simple, really.
Well, I'll get in contact with you when my workload begins to diminish and I feel I have the time to actually put in decent work with you. Sound good?
I'm actually not so sure I have time anymore. I've been busy beyond belief with various things here and there, and I haven't been able to work on any o my projects for quite some time. It might have to wait. The project is still there if you want to use it as a learning tool, though.
fuuu - it won't let me comment on your blog post for some reason.

if you need help, email me. I still don't have much time, but because I wouldn't be learning a new language, I can help out on modular devices from time to time if you wish.
I'd actually be willing to accept help on finishing up Castle Carnage, if you still are interested in the project. Quite honestly, I got bored halfway through =/
follow follow follow >.>
I don't know what in particular you're following.
you, are interesting. That is why. What's the link to your site??
BYOND will never die bro
Sup nerds, if you remember nameless lands, I'm still working on it. You can find it here:

It's a lot different, but it's still p fun.
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