by Shadowdarke
Tanks is a multiplayer battlefield where teams use high tech tanks to duke it out. Join the battle in your own tank, or man the guns for a friend.
You may play Tanks with or without a subscription. Subscribing allows access to the Advanced Technology modification. With the advanced technology mod, tanks can build 3 additional weapon types, 5 additional deployment types, and 4 additional modification types. (Some of these require other items in addition to the Advanced Tech Mod.) BYONDscape subscribers recieve the full benefits of a Tanks subscription.

Please post any comments and bug reports at the Tanks forum.

If you enjoy Tanks, be sure to try out the special editions:
  • Went back to a more reliable version of sd_Text so the HUD works properly.
  • Fixed the TDC weapon display bug
  • Tell visible in verb panels again
  • Neutral doors are now brown, since white will be a team color in future versions

Version 32 changes:
  • Fixed a minor glitch in the TDC that prevented it from working properly on some systems.
  • Using a new experimental version of sd_Text that uses pixel offsets instead of icon shifting. It should be much faster and decrease bandwidth issues.
  • Changed the tank animate_movement so they appear to slide when you turn insted of snapping into place. It's sad it took this long, since Tanks wa part of the reason Dantom included slide_steps
when gonna be online
Za true king wrote:
when gonna be online

later today
You responded to a post thats from 2009...
That game haven't pve mode...