Pokemon Daybreak

by Masterdelta4
Pokemon Daybreak
A great game meant for all ages young or old. Come on in have fun and relax. Its back and online again. Looking for good staff. Contact me in game.
Welcome to Pokemon Daybreak. First off let me say thank you for coming in and checking out the game. The reqs for Gymleader/E4/Team leaders seem very high but the leveling on my game is pretty quick.

Right now i am in need of a really good Mapper and a good Coder add me to msn [email protected] or talk to me in game. Thanks


*No Caps in OOC (Results in Mute/Boot)
*No Swearing in OOC(Keep to minimum) (Results in Mute/Boot)
*Do Not Spam (Results in Mute/Boot)
*Do NOT give pokemon or Yourself HTML Or Color Names
(Results in Forced Rename/Deletion)
* Gymleader and E4 may only have pokemon types of thier gym
*No blocking pathways (Results in Boot/Ban)
*Be polite to all players
*No killing wild pokemon
*No catching other players (Boot/Ban)
*No changing you icon to a Pokemon or anything not releated to pokemon.
*No Underlays or Overlays allowed
*Do not ask for GM
*Do not attack other player's pokemon unless in battle.
*DO NOT catch Shinys or Legends.

Owner: Raza(Krooky)
Co-owners:, David, Hazza, Dave
Mapper: Raza
Coder: Cameron, Raza
Iconner: Raza,
Hub Editer:

Now for gym leader reqs all gym leader must have 6 types of the same type of pokemon they ar going for minimum level of 10,000+.

Fire -

Water - Dave

Poison -

Rock - Windair

Grass - ZzNinjazZ

Flying - Raider

Thunder -

Rainbow - Chakaka

E4 reqs 5 or more of the same type 30,000+. Chapion must have pokemon lvl 50,000+

Fighting - BillyBobJoe

Ice - Monton

Psychic - Battery

Dragon -

Champion - Hazza

Team leaders 25,000+ 6 pokemon of type

Magma(Fire) - Amatsu

Aqua(Water) - Gotoza

Galactic(Psychic) -

Hunter(Dark/Psychic) -

Ranger(All) - Silver

Rocket(Poison) -

Mafia(Dark/Fighting) - Yakuza
Nice game i like it
Best Game of most I've seen 10/10
Excelent game 10/10
awesome game 10/10
Rip Game -10/10