Anime Annex
A New Original Anime Mixed RPG.

:: Storyline ::
This Story is Set in a Time where Demons and monsters Ruled the Lands
Where You, a young Warrior newly introduced to the world
with the Guidance of your Elder, who has prepared you
for an Adventure you will never Forget.

Exploreing the Vast lands, fighting monster after monster Getting Stronger
and stronger the further you travel, Gathering Loot From Dead corpses To sell
for a decent stay at the Inn, Continously Searching for Legendary Key of Numangi,
a Legendary Wizard said to be the Cause of theese harsh and evil times
said to be able to grant the Adventurer whos finds it the Power to change the World.

- Lord Teka- & - Fallen Angel

.::Production Staff::.
- Drake (Head Programmer)
- Click here to Aplly (Assitant Programmer)
- Choka (Pixel Artist)
- Son Danny (Assistant Pixel Artist)
- Kanak (Host)

.::Game Moderator List::.
- Gerasuhi (Head Admin)
- Prox (GM)

Game Guides


.:: The Game Rules ::.
Player Rules
No rules because the Game Hasnt Been Up.

Moderator Rules
They Dont need to be Told rules if they do, Then they are incompetant.